Telecommuting: Rockville, MD


This case study details the implementation of a telecommuting program for city employees in Rockville, Maryland, which is the third largest town in Maryland with a population of 58,706. This case study offers advice from the telecommuting coordinator on how to develop a plan, recruit participants and overcome challenges.
The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments adopted a resolution that set a goal for employers to have 20 percent of their workforce telecommuting by 2005. Along with this goal came a grant for the City of Rockville to help with implementation. The city determined that 155 of its 426 full-time workers might be eligible to telecommute. Since launching the program, participation has hovered around 25 to 30 employees.
The personnel administrator first identified which jobs are eligible for telecommuting and made the program available to the supervisors of those positions. Some declined to participate, but others were more enthusiastic. Interested employees fill out paperwork detailing their motivations for telecommuting and how they will make it fit into their lifestyle. The City also developed procedures for monitoring employees' work and making sure that their supervisors are able to adequately assess performance. Having had this program in place for 4 years, Rockville is able to offer tips to other cities on how to implement a successful telecommuting plan.
This case study is a very convincing and well-stated case study of a successful shift to telecommuting for city employees in Rockville, MD. This report is quite brief, at 2 pages, but despite its brevity it serves as a great primer on the idea of telecommuting, complete with tips for success and a clear statement of the benefits of telecommuting.
Allowing employees to telecommute reduces parking demands and reduces air pollution by eliminating the need to commute. In many cases workers were also able to concentrate better on tasks without the constant interruptions of the office environment. 

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