Fleet Management Analysis


This document, prepared by the city of Oakland, California, is the Legislative Analyst's response to the Fleet Utilization Report on the city's current vehicle fleet, and includes suggestions for how to improve efficiency.  The study presents an analysis of the current fleet policy, offering insight into vehicle use categorized by the number of miles different types of vehicles are driven each year. The discussion of fiscal and policy concerns concludes that it is far less expensive to reimburse employees for mileage than to maintain a fleet vehicle. In addition, the study includes an analysis of case studies done in other cities. Recommendations are made to increase efficiency of the fleet pool.

This case study offers recommendations to improve Oakland's fleet pool efficiency, but lacks information on how feasible these suggestions are, and which ones the city plans to implement.

Fleet pool sharing eliminates unnecessary cars from the road, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. Air quality increases, while traffic congestion deceases. Fleet pool sharing programs are also sustainable for city budgets because maintenance and purchasing costs are greatly reduced.

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