Model Ordinance: Davis, Calif.

Inclusionary Zoning & Mixed-Income Housing

This ordinance, developed by the City of Davis, California, is designed to encourage mixed-income development. Specifically, the ordinance requires the inclusion of housing that is affordable to middle income (workforce) households by calling for a middle income housing plan that meets ordinance requirements and Social Services Commission approval. In addition, the ordinance calls for a sliding scale of middle income housing requirements from 10 to 20 percent depending upon the number of units constructed. The Government reserves the right to stop sales when procedures are not followed. The appreciation of housing units is capped at 5% with any overage going to the City of Davis, Housing Agency.

 This ordinance is ideal for communities with high housing costs that need to increase middle income housing supplies. It should be noted that communities that want to use this ordinance as a model will need to amend it to reflect local government structures and processes. 

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