How+To: H+T Toolkit

Housing & Transportation Affordability

The H+T Affordability Index is a free online mapping tool that encourages city planners and other agencies with influence over community development to think about affordability in terms of location efficiency, and supplies the maps and community data to do so. The extent to which this tool is incorporated into planning protocols is entirely up to communities themselves. Checking the tool online is free and simple. Policies can encourage or require planners to consult this tool and consider location efficiency when starting a new project. Using the H+T Affordability Index tool helps planners create a deeper understanding of their communities, and if used to its full potential, the Index can help create healthy, sustainable, location-efficient communities. There are no risks or costs associated with using this tool as it imposes no obligation on the user. 

This is a reference guide for policymakers, planners, researchers, housing advocates, activists, developers, and others interested in applying the Center for Neighborhood Technology's Housing + Transportation (H+T) Affordability Index to their work.

The Center for Neighborhood Technology has been a leader in promoting more livable and sustainable urban communities. CNT is an "innovations center for urban sustainability," primarily focusing on three activities: Researching urban problems to build knowledge through tools and activities that change how residents, policymakers, and market actors respond to urban sustainability issues; Building coalitions to advocate for public policies that can help address these issues; and designing, developing, and operating economic development demonstration projects to address urban sustainability in innovative ways.

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