Housing + Transportation Affordability: Washington DC

Housing & Transportation Affordability

"Housing and Transportation Affordability in Washington DC" is a report prepared by the Center for Neighborhood Technology demonstrating the links between housing and transportation costs. The report highlights the benefits of considering location efficiency as a more accurate picture of affordability in a given area.

The report analyzes census-block-level maps to determine location efficiency as defined by auto ownership, auto use and transit use. The report estimates monthly household transportation costs by using data on residential density, commercial services, infrastructure, transit service and job access.

This case is helpful reading for communities interested in understanding how data from the H+T Affordability Index can be interpreted and applied to their own communities. The report walks the reader through interpreting H+T Affordability Index maps, as well as thinking through the concept of location efficiency. The report ultimately recommends compact mixed use development with access to transit and expanded public transportation options.

The H+T Affordability Index, as shown through this report, encourages city planners and other community development agencies to broaden their ideas of housing affordability by factoring in transportation costs. Creating walkable, transit-friendly communities reduces the burden upon residents to own and maintain private vehicles. Residents of these location-efficient communities are able to access places of employment, stores and services by walking, biking and using public transit, saving time and money, as well as reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

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