Adaptation Case Studies in the Western United States

This report contains two case studies from the Western United States that explore water shortages in the West, water rights along the Colorado River, and the protection of an endangered ground-dwelling bird: the greater sage grouse. In doing so, the report also examines the role of states in adaptation planning and the intersection between state and federal authority.  The report also looks at specific policies and unique approaches being adopted in Colorado and Wyoming to tackle water and species endangerment issues, and the states' rational for action.

This 2011 report was published by the Georgetown Climate Center, a non-partisan organization devoted to the advancement of effective climate, energy and transportation policies in the U.S.  Adaptation Case Studies in the Western United States was authored by Joel Smith, Jason Vogel, Karen Carney, and Colleen Donovan.  Additional assistance was provided by Stratus Consulting, Inc.

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