Somerville joins national program to reduce solar energy costs


Somerville has joined a leading-edge cohort of nearly 30 cities and counties nationwide as a founding participant in SolSmart, a national program to encourage solar energy development at the local level. The SolSmart program will provide official recognition to cities and counties for making solar more affordable and accessible in their communities.

Somerville is among the nation's first participants in the SolSmart program, which is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative. SolSmart is providing no-cost technical assistance to reduce barriers to solar energy growth in Somerville and make solar more affordable for homes and businesses. In recognition of these efforts, the goal is for Somerville to soon receive a national SolSmart designation - Bronze, Silver or Gold - which are awarded to communities that have taken key steps to encourage solar energy development.

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Solar panels in cityscape